Side Dump Tarp Systems

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Side Dump System

Customized for your application

Fits trailers up to 40'

Easy to install

1.15090Aluminum Roll Pipe, 20'
215091Aluminum Roll Connector Pipe
3.14777Roller Tube Rubber Grip
4.15092Power Head Assembly
5.14920Heavy Duty Bulletproof 90:1 Motor
6.15116Idler Head Assembly
7.15093Bulletproof Arm 29-3/4"
8.15094Lower Pivoting Arm
9.14776Spring 3/4" RH
10.14775Spring 3/4" LH
11.15095Pivot Pin Assembly
12.14993Coiled Wire, 15'
13.15096Stationary Pipe, 10' Length
14.15097Stationary Pipe Clamps
15.15098Roller Guide Bar
16.15099Nylon U-Clamp

192" Underbody Mount Bullteproof Aluminum System, Standard Duty Kit
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15073 97" Wide Wind Deflector $2,275.22 $1,137.961
15074 103" Wide Wind Deflector $2,283.62 $1,141.81
15075 102" Wide Smooth Wind Deflector $2,287.82 $1,143.91
15076 Open Top Aluminum Housing Up to 102" Wide $2,529.32 $1,264.66
15077 92" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,829.62 $1,141.81
15078 98" Wide Aluminum Housing $2,853.78 $1,426.89
15079 104" Wide Aluminum Houseing $2,877.92 $1,438.96
HD Bulletproof System For Trailer, 13 Coil Spring And Contact Plate
Total System Cost With.... Retail Distributor
15088 Add XL Scrap Hauler Housing $3,717.00 $1,858.50
Trailer Wiring Instead Of Contact Plate, Add -Wire To Part Number, And Add $189.00 $94.50
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Superwinch 2.1 HP, 90:1 Tarp Motor

Dual Conductor Plus Kits Vertical # 11264 & Horizontal #14566

Quick Connects Part# 14316

Power Head Assembly With Motor Part # 15092-KIT

Idler Head Assembly Part# 15116

Lower Pivoting Arm Part# 15116

15' Coiled Trailer Wire, Part# 14993

Tarping Systems For Dump Trucks, Trailers, & Refuse Applications


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