US Tarp Introduces Safe-T-Lift for Pull Style Tarping System

US Tarp Introduces Safe-T-Lift™ for Pull Style Tarping System

South Haven, Mich. – February 1, 2021 – US Tarp Inc., a leading manufacturer of load
containment and cargo protection tarping systems, is pleased to announce the
introduction of Safe-T-Lift™ for pull style tarping systems.

US Tarp now provides a 16- and 18-ft optional Safe-T-Lift for pull style tarping systems
for truck tarps. In addition to providing this option that keeps drivers safer, the new Safe-
T-Lift is easy to use, resulting in increased driver productivity.

Safe-T-Lift is ideal for 8- to 10-ft high body sidewalls, widely used by state Department
of Transportations across the country. Pull style tarps typically come equipped with a
mid-rope that the driver must pull up and over the load while walking back to hook and
latch on a J-hook at the rear of the truck body. Because the truck sidewalls are tall and
loads can be coarse, these systems can be difficult to pull. In many instances, the driver
is required to climb up on the sidewalls to reach the pull rope or move the pull bar over
the load. This can place the operator in an unsafe situation.

The Safe-T-Lift is an easy-to-use spring and arm system that lifts the rear pull bar over
the load. It is easier and safer to operate than a standard pull style tarp system alone.
Its spring-tensioned arms use a light single spring on each side, permitting the driver to
easily pull the tarp and walk it to the back. The Safe-T-Lift allows the driver to deploy or
stow the tarp quickly from ground level increasing safety and productivity without adding
significant cost or complexity to the system.

Safe-T-Lift by US Tarp is a first-fit option for new dump body installations and can be
easily retrofit by dealers to most traditional pull style tarp systems. The US Tarp
crossbar fits through the tarp pocket and can be adapted to upgrade older competitive
brand installations.