Recycling & Refuse System Parts

Schematics and Replacement Parts for Recycling & Refuse Systems

Recycling & Refuse Parts

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Ref #Part #Description
1112671Two Stage Gantry Frame
215080Single Stage Gantry Frame, 48” Resting Height
215080-58 Single Stage Gantry Frame, 58” Resting Height
314527Stationary Gantry Frame
41393112 V Hydraulic Power Pack Asm
513901Two Stage Hydraulic Cylinder
614838Single Stage Hydraulic Cylinder
715081Two Stage Cylinder Mount
815082Cylinder Pin
915367Aluminum Housing Base
1014870Smooth Front Wind Deflecto , up to 102” Width
1114824Open Top Aluminum Housing, up to 102” Width (Ref #’s 9, 10, 18, & 19)
12111393/4″ Axle Bearing
1314151Stationary Mounting Plate for Spring Return
1414529Pullstyle Roller Assembly
Not Shown13932Hydraulic Hose Assembly
1511201Spool Shaft
16112002″ Heavy Duty Tarp Axle, 101-5/8″ width
1714370Bulletproof Hydraulic Tarp Motor, 60:1 Ratio
1713957Bullet Proof Tarp Motor, 90:1 Ratio
18 15512R Heavy Duty Housing Endplate, Right – Passengers Side
1915512L Heavy Duty Housing Endplate, Left – Drivers Side
2015514Work Light Assembly
2115515Aluminum Single Piece Housing for Hydraulic Power Pack Assembly
2215516Wireless Control Box

Frame Mount

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Ref #Part #Description
111132 4-Spring Pivot Pin
211121 Spiral Torsion Spring
311141 Stainless Steel Bushing for Pivot Pin
411142 Retaining Ring for Pivot Pin
515084 Spring Mount Offset Assembly

Fender Mount

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Ref #Part #Description
615085 7-Spring Fender Mount Spring Assembly, Right – Passengers Side
615086 7-Spring Fender Mount Spring Assembly, Left – Drivers Side
22 15540L Frame Mount Extension and Adapter, Left – Drivers Side
22 15540R Frame Mount Extension and Adapter, Right – Passengers Side

Steel Arm

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Ref #Part #Description
711266 4-Spring Lower Steel Arm,36″ Length
811268 Steel Upper Side Arm, 120″ Long *
911267 Steel 90 Degree Corner
1011269 Steel Cross Tube, 96″ Long
1113941 Rubber Tarp Centering Flange
1213913 Tarp Collar Clamp
1311358 Underbody Steel Lower Arm Casting
1413819 Steel Lower Side Arm, 84″ Long

Aluminum Arm

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Ref #Part #Description
1511243 4-Spring Lower Aluminum Arm, 60″ Length
1611236 Aluminum Upper Side Arm with Corner, 98″ Long
1711235 Aluminum 90 Degree Corner
1811232 Aluminum Cross Tube, 105-1/2″ Long
1911231 Plastic Tarp Centering Flange
2011226 Underbody Aluminum Arm Casting
2111228 Underbody Aluminum Lower Arm, 84″ Length

Rack & Pinion

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Ref #Part #Description
1 A3868B Rack Gear Assembly
2 A3881 Arm Pivot Pin w/Grease Fitting
3 H7002C Spring Roller Assembly
4 HR4788 Pawl for Roller Assembly
5 HR4719 16″ Stroke Cylinder
6 HR4728 Swivel Hose Clamp Assembly
7 HR4753 Stablizer Bar
8 A4006A-1 Mounting Bracket Assembly, Right – Passengers Side
9 A4005A-1 Mounting Bracket Assembly, Left – Drivers Side
10 HR4760 Base Arm Gear Assembly
11 HR4750 Base Arm, 93-1/4″
12 HR4785 Castle Nut for Pivot Pin
13 HR4731 Cylinder Hold Down Strap
14 A3883 Cylinder Pin – Long
15 D18836 Cylinder Pin
16 HR4751 Arm Extension
17 HR4752 36″ Stroke Telescopic Arm Cylinder
18 HR4511 Telescopic Gantry Leg Assembly
18 HR4610 Fixed Leg Gantry Tube Set
19 HR4520 36″ Stroke Gantry Cylinder
20 HR4505-2 Roll Base for Telescopic Gantry Assembly
20 HR4614 Roll Rest for Fixed Leg Gantry Assembly
Not Shown H7040-1 Flow Divider/Combiner
Not Shown HR2055-1 Flow Diverter

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